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Reduce Friction, Increase Happiness

Brenden Mulligan, entrepreneur:

There has been a reoccurring theme on my mind recently… It revolves around the goal of reducing friction.

Reduced friction in a product leads to less user frustration, high conversion, and overall user happiness. I’d like to use a few examples to illustrate what I mean.

I’m sure that “reducing the friction” involved in using IT and Security tools increases adoption and increases the effectiveness of the tool.  Do you have any good examples to share?

via Reduce Friction, Increase Happiness | TechCrunch.

Google Rolls Out Two-Factor Authentication

From TechCrunch: Google Rolls Out Two-Factor Authentication For Everyone. You Should Use It.

Another reviewer finds it unwieldy, from ZDnet: Google’s two-factor authentication: nice idea, but unwieldy.

I have implemented this on my Google account… In my past I have seen the effectiveness of 2-factor authentication, even participating in the invention of a two-factor system that worked for Windows Domain authentication where the endpoint members were not trusted.

I was amazed at how many times I had to reauthenticate after turning this on.  Every browser I use on every system I use (plus my phone), and a couple of the non-two-factor systems as is mentioned in the ZDnet review.  But, I got into them all without issue just following the instructions.

I recommend implementing this on your Google account, and I hope that more services roll out a similar tool soon.

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