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Blogger: “I fell for the oldest social engineering trick in the book”

I’ve written countless stories about social engineering, with security experts far and wide telling our readers never to open a link from someone we don’t know. We’ve also published advice about making sure a message from a friend is for real before opening. That didn’t stop me from falling for one of the oldest tricks in the book.

Go ahead and have a good laugh at my expense. I deserve it.

via I fell for the oldest social engineering trick in the book | CSO Blogs.

“Microsoft” cold calling scam

Two technicians at my company experienced this scam, receiving one of these calls this week.  Be wary!

Please be aware that a new telephone scam that has raised its ugly head …  This is how it works:

You will receive a telephone call from a man or woman who will claim that they work for Microsoft or are representing Microsoft. These people will have an Asian accent. They will inform you that they have been informed that your computer is at risk due to a virus and malware infection and are calling to help resolve the problems you are having with your computer. They are very convincing and to back up what they are saying they will guide you to view the ‘Event viewer’ on your computer.

If you get one of these calls, hang up quickly.

via Microsoft cold calling scam – Cyber Tech Help Support Forums.

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