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Two weeks of smartphone charging in your pocket

Juice in a box. Lilliputian's portable fuel cell can deliver between 10 to 14 full charges for an iPhone with one replaceable cartridge.Fuel cell maker Lilliputian Systems today announced that Brookstone will be the first retailer to carry its portable USB power source, which will be sold under Brookstone’s brand. The fuel cell device is about the size of a thick smartphone, and the lighter fluid-filled cartridges are about the same size as a cigarette lighter.


via Two weeks of smartphone charging in your pocket | Cutting Edge – CNET News.

10 things network admins need to know about Windows Phone 7

You’ve probably heard that Windows Phone 7 is not really a good option for deployment.   Here’s an article that explains why…  And here is one striking point:

8: It’s really a consumer device

When you read about the missing ActiveSync policies, you might have wondered why so many policy settings aren’t supported by Microsoft’s latest mobile operating system. Microsoft’s official answer to this question is that Windows Phone 7 was developed primarily as a consumer device, not an enterprise device. However, Microsoft hints that more enterprise features may show up in future phone updates.  [Emphasis mine – jm]

Given the poor perception of Microsoft in the consumer realm (at least in my opinion),  it would have seemed better to drive consumer demand via enterprise deployment.

via 10 things network administrators need to know about Windows Phone 7 | TechRepublic.

Smartphone security: Keep your handset safe

Hard to deny the wisdom in here.  From CSO magazine:

Does Smartphone Security Really Matter?

The short answer is yes, absolutely, more and more…

Threats to your mobile security are not always easy to see. They range from the simple (such as when someone finds your phone and reads all of your e-mail) to the highly complex (such as Trojan horses, viruses, or third-party apps that share your personal information).

Here are some common security risks, with tips, tricks, and tools to combat them.

via Smartphone security: Keep your handset safe.

SMS ‘message of death’ threatens mobile phoness

Security researchers have shown that carefully crafted text messages sent to cell phones via short message service (SMS) can cause them to shutdown without the knowledge of the owner.

via Text message of ‘death’ threatens….

Will femtocells ever get their moment?

Will femtocells ever get their moment?  Airvana exec argues mobile architecture challenges make them inevitable.

Although femtocells have yet to live up to the hype in terms of sales, femtocell vendor Airvana is still confident that they have a future in the mobile marketplace.During last week’s FutureNet conference, Woojune Kim, Airvana vice president of technology, outlined why his company is still bullish on femtocell prospects. The company believes carriers will come to see them as essential to offloading traffic on their mobile data networks as demand continues to grow.


I have a femtocell in my home from Sprint (Airave).  It is pretty cool, although it releases calls (to the outdoor Sprint network) much earlier than you’d expect.  I think I need to move it to the top floor of my house for better wireless performance.  FYI, the Sprint Airave does NOT assist with data, only voice.

T-Mobile experiencing widespread outage

In a statement, T-Mobile said it is working to get its service back up and running.

“T-Mobile customers may be experiencing service disruptions impacting voice and data,” the company said in a statement. “Our rapid response teams have been mobilized to restore service as quickly as possible. We will provide updates as more information is available.”

The above was at 8:00 pm Atlanta time.

Update 6:24 p.m. PT: T-Mobile issued an updated statement saying it now believes only 5 percent of customers are experiencing outages.

via T-Mobile experiencing widespread outage | Beyond Binary – CNET News.

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