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Linux & Windows – coexisitng in a consolidating environ?

Bridging the Server Divide

Consolidating Linux and Windows servers may not be easy, but it may be best for the business.

Over the last several years, it has become very clear that the two dominant server operating system environments are Windows and Linux. In fact, it’s not at all uncommon to find both these environments running inside the same organization…

Most IT organizations chalk up the bickering between the Windows and Linux partisans to good-natured rivalry. But as the economy has taken what looks like an extended turn for the worse, the issue of costs associated with running both operating environments is starting to raise its ugly head.

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How Microsoft Is Fighting Back Finally – BusinessWeek

How Microsoft Is Fighting Back Finally – BusinessWeek

… Now, Microsoft has launched a determined counteroffensive. Its uncharacteristically cool TV ads emphasize the affordability of PCs vs. Macs.  …

“Microsoft has driven Linux off the lot in netbooks”

….a new strategy …. “Windows Anytime Upgrade.”

Red Hat’s Distribution Keys Compromised by Intruder

Just about the most serious breach of security possible at an OS vendor happened to this company. Red Hat is releasing updated OpenSSH packages to address the compromise of its internal systems. Red Hat has revealed that a compromise of its internal systems included the digital signing keys for its distributions.

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