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4 Facebook Privacy Settings for the New Year

Facebook’s privacy settings are a pain point for many users: From the chaos it’s caused after a privacy breach to the confusing settings after the launch of Timeline in 2011, securing your data and understanding who can see which parts of your profile have never been easy.

While Facebook has taken some considerable missteps, the social network has also made strides in ensuring its privacy settings are more accessible and straight-forward. Most recently, Facebook launched a new set of privacy tools to help you more easily manage who can see what you share.

Here’s a look at those new privacy settings, plus three more you should revisit to ensure you start the New Year off safe and secure.

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Facebook privacy settings even trip up the Zuckerbergs | VentureBeat

Facebook privacy settings aren’t always clear, as Randi Zuckerberg, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg’s sister and creator of the Bravo reality show Silicon Valley, found out Christmas day.

Zuckerberg posted a warm family photo to Facebook that was subsequently tweeted out…

Zuckerberg believed her photo was set to friends only, but everyone should be aware that anything “friends-only” is often not actually “friends-only.” In Zuckerberg’s case, Schweitzer was a friend of another Zuckerberg sister who was tagged in the photo. You may have set your photo to be “friends-only,” but friends of those tagged in the picture can also see that tagged photo.

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Study finds major flaws in single sign-on systems

The single sign-on protocols that allow users to sign in to a range of websites with their Google or Facebook accounts suffer from security flaws that could allow scammers to log in as somebody else, security researchers have reported.

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Your Complete Guide to Facebook Timeline

Facebook has been rolling out Timeline slowly since December, after first introducing it at its F8 developer conference in September. The project is one of Facebooks most ambitious and significant redesigns to date, as it seeks to become your digital scrapbook with the capability to document your life from birth to present day, and revisit old posts more easily.

While not everyone is on board with Timeline, the switch is inevitable. Heres our complete guide to Facebook Timeline, from making the switch to adjusting your privacy settings, in order to make the transition easier.

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“Someone tried to steal my identity” – CSO Mag

A cautionary tale regarding Facebook profile privacy:

Someone has spent the last three months trying to get prescription drugs using my name.I learned of this when I got home last night to a note on the kitchen table with a Salem, N.H. police officers name and number with a message to call him back.

Far as I can tell, he got the idea to use my identity from my Facebook page. I don’t give my address or year of birth, but I have had the day of birth on my profile. Given the mistakes the guy has made, it seems reasonable to connect it to my Facebook page. That doesn’t mean he didn’t get my information elsewhere, but it’s all I got at the moment.

I’ve since removed all birthday information, and feel rather stupid for letting that much information onto the profile to begin with.

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Use new Facebook features to separate personal from professional

Facebook, Google Apps Use Soars in Enterprises

Palo Alto Networks surveyed Web application usage at 347 organizations and found Facebook, Twitter and other programs for communications and collaboration are all being used in enterprises to a great degree. Some 22 Google applications, including Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Docs and Google Wave, showed particularly strong usage, according to research from the network security firm. Of course, the widespread use of social network and other Web apps used in enterprises can wreak havoc on network security and regulations for financial services and health care industries.

Palo Alto Networks surveyed use of 750 applications across 347 organizations for its fifth Application Usage and Risk Report, released March 30. The company’s firewall appliances and software monitored the use of Web apps for the volunteering companies from September 2009 through March 2010.

Some of the stats are eye-popping. The bandwidth consumed per organization by social networking applications doubled from 18 months ago to 9GB in this new report, with Facebook consuming an amazing 5GB of these companies’ bandwidth counts.

via eWeek.  (Emphasis added by me — jm)

A guide to Facebook security and privacy

The following primer will address the security and privacy settings both offered and seemingly excluded by Facebook. After reading, you should understand the basics for securing and controlling the privacy of your Facebook account, as well as a fundamental grasp of why proper privacy management on Facebook is important.

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