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Attacked by Anonymous: How to defend

Organizations have to be ready to face possible DoS attacks. Here are some basic strategies that can be used to defend against an attack:

  • Configure your routers and firewalls to stop invalid IP addresses and filter out protocols that are not needed. Some firewalls and routers include features to prevent TCP/UDP floods. Also, make sure that logging is enabled in all your devices and that you can reliably examine them to identify attacks and if needed, turn them over to law enforcement authorities.
  • An intrusion-detection/prevention system (IDS/IPS) can detect the misuse of valid protocols as attack vectors. Depending on the products and your network configuration, it’s possible to automatically block the attack traffic.
  • Get help from your provider. This way, attack traffic can be blocked closer to its source before it can clog your organization’s bandwidth.
  • You should have an incident response plan in place and be ready to activate it. If an attack comes, everyone should know how to respond and who to contact both inside and outside the organization (law enforcement for instance).
  • Ensure that you have means of communicating with your users and/or customers. Be as honest and forthcoming as you can about the incident.

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Twitter DDoS info

There are articles in the below that nicely summarize the DDoS attack that affected Twitter (and other services) last week:

Security Weekly.

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