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RIM urges BlackBerry users to turn off JavaScript

Research in Motion is recommending that IT departments and users disable JavaScript on their BlackBerry devices, citing a vulnerability unearthed at this year’s Pwn2Own hacker challenge.

According to RIM, the vulnerability could allow a hacker to access a device’s user data through the BlackBerry Browser if the user visits a “maliciously designed” Web site. The vulnerability only affects devices that have BlackBerry OS 6 installed, since it can only be exploited in devices that utilize the WebKit browser engine… Any BlackBerry devices that contain older versions of the BlackBerry operating system will not be impacted.

via NetworkWorld.

The BlackBerry-to-iPhone Switch: Converts Speak

I found this article very interesting in spite of the fact that I am a strictly Windows Mobile guy; my current phone is a Palm Treo Pro.  I have never used either a Blackberry OR an iPhone.  (My day-job company recently forbade users to use Blackberry for email access, citing the privacy dangers of the intermediate mail server).

…in light of a recent study that found that two out of five BlackBerry users are eager to switch from their Research In Motion (RIM) devices to shiny new Apple smartphones, I decided to revisit the iPhone v. BlackBerry war…

The people I hand-selected to appear in this story aren’t smartphone “newbies,” by any means. In fact, most of them have used not only one or two smartphones or BlackBerrys before making the iPhone switch; the majority of these gadgets geeks have employed handfuls of smartphones in the past, making them ideal subjects for this account…

And their experiences can serve to inform others curious about what a switch from BlackBerry to iPhone would mean to them–or vice versa. In addition to the six BlackBerry-to-iPhone converts profiled in this piece, I’ve included the accounts of two gadget-lovers who first swapped their BlackBerrys for iPhones, only to switch back to BlackBerry shortly thereafter.

via CIO Magazine: The BlackBerry-to-iPhone Switch: Converts Speak.

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