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Remembering Memorial Day 2009

By friend Beth said it so well… Check out her post at the link below.

As we gather around our grills and barbecues with friends and families, I challenge each of us to take time to think about the true meaning of Memorial Day.

via Leadership Insights from Executive Velocity: Remembering Memorial Day 2009.

Earth Day: Recycling Your Tech Gear is Easy

Downturn or no downturn, it’s nice to upgrade your tech gadgets now and again, especially when they are so old that your colleagues are looking at you sideways. But once you’ve bought — or been given — that great new digital camera, or smartphone, or laptop, what do you do with the old one?

You know you shouldn’t just throw it in the garbage — the environmental hazards of simply discarding electronics have been well documented. But many of us haven’t the vaguest idea how to dispose of the stuff safely.

via Smartphones to Laptops: Recycling Your Tech Gear is Easy.

Facebook Etiquette: Five Do’s and Don’ts

Facebook Etiquette: Five Do’s and Don’ts

(CIO Magazine) Balancing your work and personal life on social networking tools such as Facebook has become more complex than ever — and the dangers go beyond the well-publicized examples of posting party pictures to your profile.

If you’re “working on” IT-business alignment, you’ve already lost

If you’re working on IT-business alignment, you’ve already lost

… For some leaders, the answer to this problem is better IT/business alignment. However, “alignment” still implies separation and that, ultimately, will not solve the problem. What’s actually needed instead is a thorough integration of IT into the core business.

Social Media Will Change Your Business — Business Week

Social Media Will Change Your Business

Look past the yakkers, hobbyists, and political mobs. Your customers and rivals are figuring blogs out. Our advice: Catch up…or catch you later

Editor’s note: When we published “Blogs Will Change Your Business” in May, 2005, Twittering was an activity dominated by small birds. Truth is, we didn’t see MySpace coming. Facebook was still an Ivy League sensation. Despite the onrush of technology, however, thousands of visitors are still downloading the original cover story.

So we decided to update it. Over the past month, we’ve been calling many of the original sources and asking the Blogspotting community to help revise the 2005 report. We’ve placed fixes and updates into more than 20 notes; to view them, click on the blue icons. If you see more details to fix, please leave comments. The role of blogs in business is clearly an ongoing story.

First, the headline. Blogs were the heart of the story in 2005. But they’re just one of the tools millions can use today to lift their voices in electronic communities and create their own media. Social networks like Facebook and MySpace, video sites like YouTube, mini blog engines like Twitter—they’ve all emerged in the last three years, and all are nourished by users.

Too Lazy !? — CSO Alarmed column

Current Column – CSO Alarmed

The Real Barrier to Security: We’re All Too Lazy

What if someone offered you a free 60-inch plasma TV and free cable for life–provided you never again used a remote control? The reason you’d say no is the same reason information security is so bad.
by Scott Berinato

I like to use the Alarmed column for broad contemplation at the start of each new year; it just seems like a good time to reflect on ideas like the erosion of privacy, security types doing Good in post-tsunami Indonesia, or the relative merits of cash. This year I’ve been ruminating on a major barrier to improving information security: You’re lazy.

Maintaining Edmunds’ Edge

Maintaining Edmunds’ Edge
Edmunds started in 1966 as a publisher of the printed booklets packed with automotive specifications intended to help car shoppers make buying decisions. But since 1995, when its Web site launched, it has become the go-to online resource for car buyers and enthusiasts.
That success led Edmunds to cut ties with print altogether last year, to focus exclusively on its stable of automotive Web sites.

How Dilbert’s company staffs their tech support…

‘No’ Is Not an Acceptable IT Response

Careers – Workplace Tech – ‘No’ Is No Longer an Acceptable IT Response
Judging by the recent swell of coverage of the clash between employee technology and workplace technology while IT plays both the middleman and the villain, it seems that the topic is burdening more than just technology careers writers.

An Aug. 6 report by the Yankee Group noted that 50 percent of employees reported that their personal technology was more advanced than their workplace’s technology. Analysts reasoned that IT could either ban employee technology, creating an endless game of whack-a-mole, or they could manage both the technology and the rogue employee. They advocated taking a “Zen” approach.

Gartner jumped onto the dog pile Aug. 15, referring to the IT challenge of managing employee-owned PCs as “anarchy knocking at the gates of IT security.” In the discussion, Gartner at first advocates an unwavering response to employee demand for network access.

I don’t like “slideshow” articles

I’m not really recommending that you go to the link below… not because the information diplayed isn’t interesting; it is very interesting to any CIO or IT leader.  I don’t want you to go because I don’t want to promote this “slideshow” style of presentation because it delivers the info way too slowly…

Google vs. Microsoft in the Enterprise