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Why Leaders Don’t Learn from Success – Harvard Business Review

…success can breed failure by hindering learning at both the individual and the organizational level. We all know that learning from failure is one of the most important capacities for people and companies to develop. Yet surprisingly, learning from success can present even greater challenges…

The first is the inclination to make what psychologists call fundamental attribution errors. When we succeed, we’re likely to conclude that our talents and our current model or strategy are the reasons. We also give short shrift to the part that environmental factors and random events may have played.

The second impediment is overconfidence bias: Success increases our self-assurance. Faith in ourselves is a good thing, of course, but too much of it can make us believe we don’t need to change anything.

The third impediment is the failure-to-ask-why syndrome—the tendency not to investigate the causes of good performance systematically…

via Why Leaders Don’t Learn from Success – Harvard Business Review. (Free registration required to view the full article).

Joe Kraus – Culture of Distraction

  1. We are creating and encouraging a culture of distraction where we are increasingly disconnected from the people and events around us and increasingly unable to engage in long-form thinking. People now feel anxious when their brains are unstimulated.
  2. We are losing some very important things by doing this. We threaten the key ingredients behind creativity and insight by filling up all our “gap” time with stimulation. And we inhibit real human connection when we prioritize our phones over our the people right in front of us.
  3. What can we do about it? Is this path inevitable or can balance be restored?

via Joe Kraus Blog.

How new design will affect your company’s Facebook page

Facebook wants every business on its site to be able to express what’s happening with its brand right now – as well as the heritage behind that brand – all on a single page.

While Facebook’s new look has left many businesses in a scramble, migrating to the new, mandatory change need not be accompanied by gnashing of teeth.  Armed with insights from Web marketing experts, you’ll be able to cruise through the upgrade – and perhaps dust a competitor or two – unphased.

via How new design will affect your company’s Facebook page | TechRepublic.

Virtual Teams Can Outperform Traditional Teams

Teams can be highly effective even when members have never met in person. In fact, virtual teams can actually outperform traditional co-located groups. An extensive study of 80 software development teams with programmers from the United States, South America, Europe, and Asia proved that virtual teams can lead to increased efficiency and better business results, but only if they are managed to maximize the potential benefits while minimizing the disadvantages….

But here’s the rub. Dispersed teams can outperform co-located ones only if — and this is a big “if” — they are managed properly. Here are a few guidelines…

via Virtual Teams Can Outperform Traditional Teams – Keith Ferrazzi – Harvard Business Review.

Five Leadership Lessons From James T. Kirk

My favorite lesson from Captain Kirk:

2. Have Advisors With Different Worldviews

“One of the advantages of being a captain, Doctor, is being able to ask for advice without necessarily having to take it.”

via Five Leadership Lessons From James T. Kirk – Forbes.

The Purpose of Security…

Great quote:

The entire purpose of security is to support your ability to do business in a secure manner. Security is an enabler, not a limiter. If security is a limiter, you are using it wrong/abusing it.

by Jon-Louis Heimerl in this article in Security Week.

“Channel changing” — better than multitasking

It’s time for new thinking about balance, for yourself and your organization. Balance isn’t about the hours in the day or a just-so parceling out of time. It’s about choice. It is about being clear about what matters, putting your energy where it counts and helping others to do the same.

via Focus Is The New Key To Work-Life Balance –

Leadership: Tricks or Treats?

Great insightful article with several nuggets that  I found to be timely refreshers; via Leadership Insights from Executive Velocity: Leadership: Trick or Treat?.

Is Compliance the New Security Standard?

…Given the compelling case for securing the enterprise, why do CEOs fail to invest more in security solutions? Does this simply represent a failure of IT and security staff to make a compelling business case? Or are the CEOs in fact being short-sighted?

…Risk management is the only rational way to frame the debate…The management decision is one of making rational trade-offs between the probability of an event, and the cost of reducing that possibility – but not eliminating it…

Security spending for compliance, then, is a given. And while compliance spending may not comprehensively protect the enterprise against a breach, it does provide one important bit of protection: liability. From the CEOs perspective, while the cost per record of responding to a breach may be high, its nowhere near the potential cost of lawsuits resulting from said breach. And achieving compliance appears to provide a liability shield.

via Is Compliance the New Security Standard?.

The Biggest Security Hole

A great essay by Ariel Silverstone.  It exhorts us security pros to deal with the new reality in a more effective way.  Read it here.

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