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Google Rolls Out Two-Factor Authentication

From TechCrunch: Google Rolls Out Two-Factor Authentication For Everyone. You Should Use It.

Another reviewer finds it unwieldy, from ZDnet: Google’s two-factor authentication: nice idea, but unwieldy.

I have implemented this on my Google account… In my past I have seen the effectiveness of 2-factor authentication, even participating in the invention of a two-factor system that worked for Windows Domain authentication where the endpoint members were not trusted.

I was amazed at how many times I had to reauthenticate after turning this on.  Every browser I use on every system I use (plus my phone), and a couple of the non-two-factor systems as is mentioned in the ZDnet review.  But, I got into them all without issue just following the instructions.

I recommend implementing this on your Google account, and I hope that more services roll out a similar tool soon.

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