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Google’s Encrypted Search Seems to Stop SEO Poisoning

When you make a search on Google or another major search engine, you probably feel pretty confident that the first page or so of results will be relevant, valid and safe.   Not so! If you’re searching on a popular topic, there’s every chance that malicious links will turn up near the top due to a nasty technique called SEO poisoning…

When you go to rather than just, your search requests go through an encrypted SSL connection. When you click links from the results, the linked-to site does not receive the usual referrer information. A malicious site relying on SEO poisoning to attract visitors won’t be able to tell that you actually came from a search site and hence won’t serve up its evil code. Or at least that’s the thought.

via Google’s Encrypted Search Seems to Stop SEO Poisoning

Google Moves Encrypted Search to a New Site

Googles encrypted search engine, launched in May, has moved to a new Web address that isnt as convenient as its original one but that gives organizations the option to block the site for their users without locking them out of other Google services.

Originally offered at, the encrypted search engine has been relocated to, a move prompted primarily by the requirement of schools and universities to block encrypted search engines for their students.

via Google Moves Encrypted Search to a New Site 

PS: This is my first post using 3G, from a car cruising down the highway.

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