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Will femtocells ever get their moment?

Will femtocells ever get their moment?  Airvana exec argues mobile architecture challenges make them inevitable.

Although femtocells have yet to live up to the hype in terms of sales, femtocell vendor Airvana is still confident that they have a future in the mobile marketplace.During last week’s FutureNet conference, Woojune Kim, Airvana vice president of technology, outlined why his company is still bullish on femtocell prospects. The company believes carriers will come to see them as essential to offloading traffic on their mobile data networks as demand continues to grow.


I have a femtocell in my home from Sprint (Airave).  It is pretty cool, although it releases calls (to the outdoor Sprint network) much earlier than you’d expect.  I think I need to move it to the top floor of my house for better wireless performance.  FYI, the Sprint Airave does NOT assist with data, only voice.

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