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Is Compliance the New Security Standard?

…Given the compelling case for securing the enterprise, why do CEOs fail to invest more in security solutions? Does this simply represent a failure of IT and security staff to make a compelling business case? Or are the CEOs in fact being short-sighted?

…Risk management is the only rational way to frame the debate…The management decision is one of making rational trade-offs between the probability of an event, and the cost of reducing that possibility – but not eliminating it…

Security spending for compliance, then, is a given. And while compliance spending may not comprehensively protect the enterprise against a breach, it does provide one important bit of protection: liability. From the CEOs perspective, while the cost per record of responding to a breach may be high, its nowhere near the potential cost of lawsuits resulting from said breach. And achieving compliance appears to provide a liability shield.

via Is Compliance the New Security Standard?.

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