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Dude, where’s my perimeter?

Dude, where’s my perimeter? – CNET reviews

At one time, IT departments concerned themselves with hardening the perimeter. The idea was Medieval: build a fortress around yourself and don’t let outsiders in. Then came remote workers. Then chat apps. Then Web mail. And then mobile devices. And suddenly you have more exceptions than the rule. Desktops inside the corporation, which at one time weren’t as well secured, needed to be so. Within the past week, both Harvard University and Hannaford, a supermarket chain, reported significant data breaches. How they broke in, says Dan Geer, vice president and chief scientist for Verdasys, isn’t as significant as what they took. Geer is part of a growing number of security experts who feel that the perimeter, as we knew it, is long gone, and that IT departments should instead be focused more on data-loss protection than intrusion protection. [emphasis by me — jm]

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