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Netflix’s Breakout Move — Business Week

Netflix’s Breakout Move

In the high-stakes race to get downloaded video onto consumers’ TVs, Netflix (NFLX) may have just pulled ahead. On Jan. 2, the mail-order movie rental company said it struck a deal with consumer-electronics maker LG Electronics to develop and market a set-top box that would let Netflix users stream movies straight to their TVs.

The service, expected to roll out by fall, comes amid reports that Apple (AAPL) is on the verge of unveiling its own video download service.

Digital Delivery Competitors Aplenty

The partnership with LG would expand on a program implemented by Netflix, about a year ago, that lets customers stream movies to personal computers. Netflix said in August that customers had watched some 10 million movies and TV shows on their PCs. But the Los Gatos (Calif.) company says most subscribers prefer watching long-form content on a big screen and hopes to cut the computer out of the equation altogether.

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