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‘No’ Is Not an Acceptable IT Response

Careers – Workplace Tech – ‘No’ Is No Longer an Acceptable IT Response
Judging by the recent swell of coverage of the clash between employee technology and workplace technology while IT plays both the middleman and the villain, it seems that the topic is burdening more than just technology careers writers.

An Aug. 6 report by the Yankee Group noted that 50 percent of employees reported that their personal technology was more advanced than their workplace’s technology. Analysts reasoned that IT could either ban employee technology, creating an endless game of whack-a-mole, or they could manage both the technology and the rogue employee. They advocated taking a “Zen” approach.

Gartner jumped onto the dog pile Aug. 15, referring to the IT challenge of managing employee-owned PCs as “anarchy knocking at the gates of IT security.” In the discussion, Gartner at first advocates an unwavering response to employee demand for network access.

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