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Chinese Sub on Google Earth; & privacy concerns…

Google Earth catches Chinese sub – from Strategic Security Blog

This is pretty cool. Not so much the “spy” stuff about the sub itself, but the fact that Google Earth publishes info like this. There was also a blog entry recently about the “privacy invasion” of the “Street View” feature of This seems a bit paranoid to me. I don’t think activity in public or viewable from the street is or should be “protected”. In the same way, information posted to the Internet without some means of access control is not “protected” from a privacy perspective.

In other words, granting easy and widespread access to activity or content that would otherwise be hard to find and/or notice does not create a privacy violation. The Internet grants such easy and widespread access, not just to your writings, but also to your abode or office or even your person as viewable from the street.

I suggest always using the rule: If I wouldn’t want my spouse or parent or friend to see this or to read this, I better not do it or write it.

More “street view” mania…

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